Welcome to Indie Writer 101!

Have you ever wondered, "Can I make it as an indie writer?" "Where do I start?" What about if you lack access to resources? Editing? Can you do it? Is it possible? I asked all these questions only to discover everything I needed to succeed as an indie rested on the inside of me. After years of keeping my writing to myself, not only am I self publishing, but I'm sharing my system with other indies.

Calling all indie writers! Knowledgeable in self publishing, my courses will equip new independent writers. Polish your fictional work into a story that readers obsess over and can’t put down! WIM Plus is self revising 101, self editing, book covers, getting reviews, and so much more!

Take a chance on you today and transform your writing life! I found power in my writing voice and I'll help you unleash yours. Joining WIM Plus will result in gripping novels with show-stopping characters because of your newfound knowledge as a self editor. Let's go, indies!


Who is WIM Plus for?

Beginning independent authors. You're new to the self publishing world and have no idea where to start.

Indie writers seeking to self edit their own work. I'm all for being self sufficient when needed. Do you know how to revise your novel? Self edit? It comes in handy if a professional can't be reached. Don't sit on your novel waiting. WIM Plus shares the tools you need!

People who want to grow their authority as an indie. We all start somewhere but your writer's voice matters now! WIM Plus is for writers who want breakthrough from fear and imposter syndrome.

Indie writers desiring to save time and resources. Like a true indie, you're in control. Need a book cover? I'll show you how. Want more reviews? Got that too! Take courses at your own pace filled with priceless information to use at your disposal.

Fictional writers. I love a good story!

Who is WIM Plus NOT for?

Indie writers not interested in growing their careers. WIM Plus is for writers seeking to write full time. I've written as a hobby before, but I'm taking it to the next level. The courses here are for indies interested in doing the same. Not you? Then WIM Plus may not be a fit.

Indies not interested in self editing. I think this explains itself. Not all indies wish to be a "Do It Yourself" Writer. No problem, WIM Plus is not for you.

Traditionally published writers. While there are courses traditional authors can find value within WIM Plus, it is catered to self published authors because of my background.

Non-fictional writers. My expertise is in fiction. Should I choose to write non-fictional content, I'll let you know.